Studio5602 specializes in simple modern design crafted from our studio near Washington, DC. We believe each project should tell a story, informed by the site, designed and crafted in built form by us. On every project we want to serve our clients well with a collaborative process from beginning to end. We serve all of the mid-Atlantic including Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

Studio5602 was established in August 2015. After living, designing, and building in Washington, DC for more than ten years, we returned to visit our home state of Virginia during a family vacation. This time something was different. The salty air called us home with a greater purpose- to serve others through architecture and design by taking the leap to start our own firm. Our passion for architecture coupled with our enthusiasm for side-by-side collaboration with our clients led us to open Studio5602.

Our Process

Our project depth includes both commercial and residential projects inspired by local vernacular with a reflection to a modern aesthetic. Restaurants, retail, residential… our genuine desire is to create a beautifully simple and thoughtfully crafted design through narrative – embracing you and your story as inspiration. This tried and true philosophy lends itself to a certain ephemeral quality that tells a story for every project we do. We want to make the process seamless and easy while designing a meaningful project for you. Attentive listening, thoughtful dialogue, careful analysis, and an attention to detail and craft create the formula for our process.

How We Begin

We want to get to know you first. We want to talk about you- what you like, what you love, and where you’re headed. We will meet with you – either in our office or on site- and then ask you to answer specific questions to get started. We will talk about our process with you and how it works with the type of project you want to do. We will discuss your story and how we can best achieve the design. Then we will send you a proposal outlining the scope of work, schedule, and fee. Then we begin!

If you have made the decision to undertake a new project- whether a renovation or a completely new home or building- we understand that most likely this project will be one of the greatest expenses in your lifetime. You are heavily invested, both with your own capital and your own emotions. We want the project to be about you and for you- not us. To this end, we want to make the process as enjoyable as possible!

We will talk with you about the best way to tailor the process to what you need – design, project management, procuring fixtures, finishes, ¬†and furnishings, and construction management are some of our offerings. We can curate a Pinterest board to mold a “look and feel” as we work through the design, walk you through your concept via sketches, build up digitally in three dimensions, and take you to a quarry to select your countertops with the perfect veining. Start to finish.