• 3 Tips For Selecting An Architect

    3 Tips for Selecting An Architect: Our Process and What Makes Us Different

    You’ve spent time daydreaming about building your dream, whether it is a home remodel or venturing out

    and opening a restaurant. You are no doubt envisioning yourself and your family making breakfast,

    relaxing on your new deck facing the perfect view, or maybe you have been longing to open your own

    restaurant and you’re ready to start telling your story.

    Either way you have made the decision to move forward on your project and you feel you are ready to

    hire an architect. You have taken your time thinking about just what type of project it will be, how it will

    reflect your life, and you envision a beautiful finale. There is so much to do in between the thought and

    the realization. You know you need a designer or architect to help realize your dream. As part of finding

    the right designer you begin to ask friends, neighbors, maybe even your realtor for suggestions to find a

    great architect. You’re heading down the right path and finally find an architect and set up your first

    meeting to discuss your project. The two of you meet and you walk away unsure and conflicted whether

    she understands your goals and hopes. Something was off. They neglected the important parts of your

    vision. Here’s what you’re missing:

    1. Connection

    The perfect design does not just arrive. It will not come by chance. The difference between a good

    design and a great design is the relationship process. This is where we are different. We work to build a

    relationship with you. We want you to narrate your story. Our process directly involves you from first

    sketch to your first step in the door. We do not dictate aesthetic and we don’t label. The entire process

    should flow. We are enthusiastic and eager to see the collaborative process result in a well crafted


    2. Process

    Crafting your story + Research + Design

    Our process is a fluid dynamic between us, as the architect, and you. We want to minimize and eliminate

    your stress and doubts while elevating your project to be a reflection of you. We pick up on the details.

    We see your vision with clarity.

    3. Authenticity

    We are craftspeople. We live and breathe the built environment. We want your project to be as authentic

    to you and the context as possible. This is what differentiates a great design.

    We invite you to reach out to us- we would love to talk with you about your project, your story, and your

    vision- to make your design great!

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